🎬 Opening Ceremony & Premiere of Independent Film Festival 2024

SydFest 2024悉尼独立国际电影节开幕式&首映礼
01 Jun 2024, 1:30PM

Welcome to join us at the upcoming SydFest Independent Film Festival Opening Ceremony. This event is a gathering of elite figures from both the film and non-film industries, and we believe your presence will add infinite highlights to this occasion!

🎬 Opening Ceremony & Premiere of Independent Film Festival 2024 这次汇集的电影作品非常丰富精彩,让我们先睹为快吧.
The film productions are incredibly rich and wonderful. Let’s take a quick look first.


⏰ 时间 Time
– 周六, 6月1日,从下午13:30开始
– Saturday, 1st June 2024 from 1:30PM

🎤 活动流程 Event Rundown
– 13:30-14:00
活动前茶点和拍照 Tea Break & Photo Session Before the Event
– 14:00-14:30
开幕式致辞 Opening Ceremony Speech
– 14:30-16:00
电影节首映礼 Film Festival Premiere
– 16:00-16:30
电影交流 Discussion Session

📍地点 Location
– 2 Australia Ave. Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

🎟️ 票价 Price
– $59.00
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If you have a discount/voucher code, please enter it at the following location on the Checkout page.


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  • Reg. Deadline : 01/06/2024 4:30 am

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