🎶✨ Sound Healing Class at Hilton Sydney – 18 August

“This is the first city of our World Tour. We look forward to seeing you all!”

Do you often feel physically exhausted, as if carrying a heavy burden with every step you take?

Are your family relationships strained, as if an invisible wall is blocking warm communication with your loved ones?

Is your career progression hindered, despite giving your all, but the light at the end of the tunnel seems ever elusive?

These pressures and challenges can be overwhelming…

While these issues might seem like mere misfortunes, they are often not due to a lack of intelligence or effort but are rooted in our personal frequencies.

Every person has a unique frequency. Those with higher frequencies tend to be healthier, attract positive people, and enjoy better luck. Conversely, those with lower frequencies often feel depressed, are less welcome by others, and experience poor fortune.

Today, I want to introduce you to an extraordinary mind-body-spirit teacher—Master Xin Yuan. He has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life through simple sound healing techniques.
今天我想向你介绍一位神奇的身心灵导师——心原老师,他通过简单的声音疗愈,帮助了成千上万人改善生活质量。 心原老师,国内外修行十几年,涵盖众多身心灵,儒释道易医,气功等众多法门,独创很多简单直接有效可落地的疗愈修行方法,利益大众。已举办12期声音疗愈,64期线下课。

⏰ Time 时间:
– 周日, 8月18日 从早上9点到下午5点
– Sunday, 18th Aug 2024 09:00AM to 05:00PM

📍地点 Location:
– Hilton Hotel | 488 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

🎫 票价 Price:
– 活动票 + 工作坊 = $99
– Event Ticket + Workshops = $99

– 活动票 + 工作坊 + 晚宴 = $298
– Event Ticket + Workshops + Gala Dinner = $298

🎤 Event Rundown 活动流程
• 9:00 – 10:00 AM: Registration and Arrival注册和进场
• 10:00 – 12:30 PM: Healing Session with Xin Yuan 心原老师带功疗愈
• 12:30 – 1:30 PM: Networking Tea Break 商务茶歇
• 1:00 – 4:00 PM: Workshops by Xin Yuan and Guest Teachers 心原老师和其他老师的个案咨询
• 4:00 – 5:00 PM: Socializing and Departure社交和离场

The Power of Sound Healing Master Xin Yuan’s sound healing method is simple, direct, and effective after just one session. By listening to his audio recordings, people can unblock their meridians, eliminate damp and cold energy, improve bodily functions, and even achieve fetal breathing. Countless success stories attest to this.
声音疗愈的力量 心原老师的声音疗愈方法简单、直接,一次见效。通过听他的音频,人们可以打通经络,排除湿气寒气,改善身体机能,甚至实现胎息。无数成功案例证明了这一点。

On August 18, Master Xin Yuan will host a large-scale group healing event at the Sydney Hilton Hotel. This event is not only a healing opportunity but also a moment to witness miracles. We cordially invite you to join this grand event and experience the magical power of sound healing firsthand.

🎫 票价 Price:
– 活动票 + 工作坊 = $99
– Event Ticket + Workshops = $99

– 活动票 + 工作坊 + 晚宴 = $298
– Event Ticket + Workshops + Gala Dinner = $298

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  • Venue : 488 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

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